5 Ways Your Life Changes when You Lose Weight

If you’re overweight or obese, you already know that losing weight can help reduce your risk of serious health complications, like:

But, reaching a healthy weight changes your life in more ways than that. 

As an experienced weight loss specialist in Naples, Florida, Dr. Andrea Bickerton takes a personalized and compassionate approach to help you reach your overall goals. That means you don’t have to struggle alone to lose weight anymore. When you come to Refined Image for help with weight loss, you’ll see these five changes in your own life in no time.

1. You have more energy

One of the first things you can expect to see when the pounds start melting off is a surge in energy. That’s because your body doesn’t have to work as hard when you’re carrying less weight, so there’s more energy to spare! And the way your body uses oxygen also improves, so you won’t get short of breath as easily when you start to move.

2. You enjoy being active

Whether you’re heading to the gym or out on the town, it’s easier to move your body when you are closer to your healthy weight. Plus, those carrying extra pounds can put added stress and strain on your joints, causing pain and discomfort. So, as the weight comes off, you can expect to become faster and stronger, which makes physical activity way easier and a lot more fun.

3. Your memory improves

In addition to triggering health complications, being overweight or obese also causes concentration and memory problems. However, studies show that your brain activity changes after weight loss, becoming more active and performing better. That means that losing those excess pounds can help increase your memory, focus, and decision-making skills while also preserving your mind for the future.

4. Your taste buds change

Believe it or not, your taste buds grow more dull when you gain weight. This phenomenon occurs because they start dying off more quickly and being replaced with new cells more slowly until you end up with 25% fewer taste buds. These changes in taste make it challenging to follow specific weight-loss diets because you need richer, more flavorful foods, usually high in fats and sugar, to enjoy it. Fortunately, this problem is only temporary, because your taste buds return to normal when you start shedding that extra weight. 

5. You sleep better

Carrying excess pounds causes three primary sleep issues: acid reflux, back pain, and sleep apnea — a potentially dangerous sleep disorder. But, making even the smallest dietary changes can significantly improve your sleep quality, so you can expect results early on in your weight-loss journey. And, as you continue shedding excess pounds, you’ll have less soft tissue blocking your upper airways and constricting your breathing.

To see firsthand how weight loss can change your life, contact us by calling Refined Image or scheduling an appointment online today.

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