BBL™Therapy: Look like You've Had a Facelift without Surgery

You’re a realist. So you know that despite your best efforts, your skin will age. But you’re also savvy enough to know that with today’s technology, you can prevent wrinkles and sagginess.

At Refined Image, we analyze your skin type and choose the most effective treatment for you. One of the best rejuvenating treatments is Broadband light therapy, aka BBL™. This treatment erases the signs of aging, improves your gene expression, and rejuvenates your face. Without a single stitch or day of downtime.

Dr. Andrea Bickerton, our head clinician, performs BBL™ (the world’s most powerful pulsed light (IPL) device) for many reasons. It’s versatile, effective, and safe. Here's how BBL™ can turn back the clock, so you feel young forever:

Firms and lifts your skin

The BBL™ system includes SkinTyte™ treatments. These treatments use advanced infrared light technology to heat the collagen layer of your skin. While also protecting your skin’s surface with sapphire cooling technology.

As your collagen layer contracts, your skin will feel firmer and more youthful. The heat also triggers a wound-healing response deep in your skin. After treatment, your skin will rebuild itself with new collagen and elastin. Which will smooth out wrinkles, folds, and other defects.

You can treat any area of your skin with BBL™. Here are the most common areas:

These treatments are so comfortable you won’t even need a numbing cream. Most women and men equate the sensation of a BBL™ treatment to having a hot-stone massage.

You can return to your daily activities after your treatment. And you don't have to worry about any side effects. No redness, no peeling, and no long recovery.

Erases age spots and visible veins

Dr. Bickerton utilizes the BBL™ system to treat the surface of your skin, too. This erases troubling signs of aging. Such as age spots and visible red and purple veins (also known as spider veins or telangiectasias).

When the surface of your skin absorbs the BBL™ heat, your skin cells regenerate. And replace old, discolored skin with fresh, even-toned skin. The heat also decreases the visibility of spider veins.

After one treatment you'll notice fewer veins and brown spots. As well as a more radiant and healthier glow. BBL™ helps clear rosacea and acne, too. The light targets the red pigment of rosacea lesions. Which restores their natural color.

Maintains your benefits easily and comfortably

BBL™ treatments do more than firm and smooth your skin. They also turn on genes that keep your skin looking ageless. You’ll love the way you look!

Forever Young BBL™ works for rejuvenation, too

Are you still in your 20s? Do you have minimal signs of aging? Dr. Bickerton recommends a specific BBL™ treatment called, Forever Young BBL™. This treatment stimulates your skin to keep producing strong collagen and elastin. So, you won’t develop telltale signs of aging over time.

To find out which BBL™ treatment is best for you, schedule an appointment by calling our office at 239-302-3540.

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