How 3D Body Analysis Helps Determine Your Best Individual Weight Loss Plan

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When you’re trying to lose weight, it can be maddening to step on the scale and see no change. It’s natural to want quick feedback in the form of a single metric, but body weight alone shouldn’t be your main focus.

More so than body weight, your body mass index (BMI), your waist-to-hip ratio, and your body composition are indicative of your overall health. A 3D body analysis determines your body composition, which in turn determines your best weight-loss plan.

Here are three reasons we at Refined Image believe a 3D body scan is the best way to reach your weight-loss goals.

1. A 3D body scan tells you your body fat percentage

Health and fitness experts consider body fat percentage the gold standard in measuring health. Rather than just telling you how much you weigh, a 3D body scan shows you your body composition in fat mass, lean muscle mass, bone mass, and amount of water. Knowing those numbers, Dr. Bickerton can formulate a weight-loss plan specific to your current body composition.

For example, for someone with a very high body fat percentage, the initial stages of weight loss might need to be more intensive. For someone whose fat percentage is higher than normal but not extremely unhealthy, Dr. Bickerton may prescribe an approach that allows you to lose smaller amounts of weight more gradually.

2. A 3D body scan gives you body measurements

In addition to telling you how much body fat you have, a 3D body scan tells you exactly where you store it. This information offers incredible insights into your current state of health. For instance, if you hold most of your body fat in your belly, you may be at a higher risk for certain diseases: Visceral fat surrounds our organs and compromises their functionality.

Using laser technology, 3D body scans provide circumference measurements, including your waist, hip, arm, thigh, calf, and chest circumferences. Tracking these measurements over time is one of the most effective ways to visualize progress.

3. A 3D body scan measures water mass

Body composition and circumference measurements definitely prove helpful for weight loss, but here’s one more thing you need to consider: water and bone mass.

These measurements provide valuable information about your overall state of health. For example, our bodies are roughly 60 percent water. If your 3D scan tells you your body only includes 45 percent water, you know you need to drink more — and staying hydrated is the number-one way to stave off hunger and be consistent on your weight-loss plan.

Using a 3D body scan to develop a weight-loss plan

At Refined Image in Naples, Florida, we use 3D body scanning technology to better serve our clients. Everyone deserves to achieve the weight loss they desire, and 3D body scans help us to develop customized, effective plans for everyone and you to be able to track your progress in real time.

If you’re ready to shed unwanted pounds and improve your energy, mood, and overall well-being, call Refined Image today at 239-302-3540 or request an appointment online — we can’t wait to help restore health and balance to your life!

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